common rental property emergencies

Published: 03/06/2020

Home emergencies requiring urgent repairs are a significant inconvenience and often a nightmare for landlords (and tenants).

Circa London London Estate Agents can save you hours of wasted time finding tradespeople, unrealistic callout and repair bills, long wait times, and no guarantee of a quality repair.

The most common home emergencies are:

Gas leaks 

Gas leaks are dangerous and potentially life-threatening, so they need fixing urgently.

Blocked toilets, pipes & drains

Plumbing problems are prevalent in investment properties, and tenants will want them fixed quickly.

Burst taps, shower heads & pipes

Burst pipes and fixtures can spell disaster as they can cause damage to both your property and the occupant's fixtures and belongings. Fast repair response times are critical to minimise any damage.

Broken hot water systems

Broken hot water systems are top of the pops for extreme tenant dissatisfaction. It is essential to have a plumber or gasfitter on speed dial who can respond quickly.

Being locked out

Simple things like taking the rubbish out can lead to being locked out of the property. Getting locked out is frustrating and inconvenient. Do you want to be disturbed in the middle of the night to drop around the spare set of keys?

Broken windows 

Broken windows need repairing immediately for the tenants' safety and the property's security. If the incident occurs outside of office hours, finding a glazier won't necessarily be easy.

Damaged air conditioning or heating systems

All year round, air-conditioners or heating systems come under extreme pressure. If they break down, leaving the tenants too hot or too cold, you have to have someone to call asap; otherwise, you'll have disgruntled tenants to answer to.

Damaged locks

Repairing damaged locks after a home break-in or just old age is urgent and critical. Locksmiths won't always be available at short notice, making the issue even more of a hassle for you and your tenants.

Home emergencies happen!

We find that most of our landlords and tenants experienced a home emergency over the past year, and just under half experienced difficulty and serious waiting times (over 12 hours) when trying to get urgent repair help.

Circa London Property Management has negotiated fast response times 24/7. We have service guarantees and discounts with each of our suppliers to keep your property protected. We shield you from concerns like unqualified tradesmen, faulty repairs, astronomical bills, and dissatisfied tenants.

Our service standards lead to a better relationship between you and your tenant, fostering more care and respect for your property, and reflect positively on your future rental income.

Circa London has you covered!
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