7 useful tips on how to pack for moving day

Published: 26/01/2022

If you feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start, our essential packing tips will hopefully help make it easier and less overwhelming.

1. Prepare an essentials bag for the first week

Most people do this just for their first night in their new home, but we recommend packing a week's worth of essentials as unpacking can be even slower than packing because you have to work out where to put everything!

It gives you time to settle into your new home and saves the hassle of having to wade through all your boxes for your toiletries.

2. Move chests of drawers without emptying them by wrapping them in cling film

Simple! You can save yourself the trouble of removing and packing everything from your chest of drawers by wrapping cling film around them. This way, the removal company can move them as is, and you can unwrap them in your new home, and all your items will be exactly where you want them.

3. Create makeshift handles in cardboard boxes

Whether you're employing a professional removal firm or not, heavy cardboard boxes will be easier to shift with handles. Just cut small triangles in the side panels, which will enable you to lift the boxes more easily.

4. Use wheeled suitcases to transport heavier items

Pack items such as books into wheeled bags to transport them easily to your new home.

5. Pack jewellery and smaller items in egg cartons

A tried-and-tested trick that works well for the smaller items comes in the form of an egg carton!

Save egg cartons leading up to your move and use the compartments to store small items such as necklaces and earrings, keeping them safe rather than jumbled up in one bag.

Remember to secure the egg cartons with cling film, Sellotape, or a rubber band.

6. Use colour-coded labels for your cardboard boxes

Colour code your tags by room, i.e. the room you want your box moved into so that you and the removal team can easily spot these on the day. It's a visual trick that avoids confusion or boxes ending up in the wrong place.

7. Cover hanging clothes

Cover hanging clothes with bin bags to protect them from dirt or dust, and take them to your new home on their hangers and hang them straight in the cupboard.

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