renting with a cat or dog or both

Published: 29/01/2021

Finding ideal property to rent can be hard enough, but when you have a four-legged furry friend to consider, it can be a real challenge!

Most landlords do not allow pets in their rental property narrowing down your choice. Furthermore, available properties tend to have a higher price tag as Landlords are no longer permitted to ask for a higher deposit (The Tenant Fees Act 2019). However, as far as most pet owners are concerned, the real challenge is not finding somewhere to rent but avoiding problems once they do.

How to keep your landlord and neighbours happy

The best tactic to avoid problems is to ensure that both your landlord and your neighbours have zero to complain about as far as your pet is concerned.

Always enquire

Think again if you are thinking of trying to sneak a dog or a cat into your rental property without seeking the landlord's permission. Even if you are successful and manage to do so without arousing suspicion, more often than not, it will be discovered during a property inspection later.

Check your insurance policy

If your pet should cause any damage, you will need to pay for the repairs. To ensure that this does not leave you short, check that your tenant's insurance will cover such damage, and if it doesn't, find a new policy that does.

Put your dog on a lead

No matter how well-behaved your dog is, it would be best if you always use a lead to keep it under control. You may love how your dog greets you when you return from work, but your neighbour probably doesn't want to be pawed by an overenthusiastic canine.

Clean your cat's litter tray daily

This is most important for apartment rentals as the odour could permeate other apartments via the ventilation system; any accidents should be dealt with immediately.

Noise control

If you have a dog with a penchant for barking, do your utmost to modify this behaviour before moving into your rental property. If you don't think you have the necessary skills to train yourself, look into obedience training classes.

The main thing to consider when renting with a pet is that consideration is key. Be upfront about your intentions; do your best to minimise the chances of your dog or cat becoming a nuisance, and repair accidental damage promptly. In this way, you should find that your landlord is happy to give you an excellent reference when you finally move on.

Circa London is a Lettings Agent in SE1 and the surrounding areas. If you plan on renting a property with a pet, our lettings team will be happy to help you find a pet-friendly property. Please get in touch with them.
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