how to pick the right London estate agent

Published: 04/04/2022

While we believe we are the best central London Estate Agents, we thought preparing a short guide on picking the right agent for you would be helpful.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you:

  1. Word of mouth: Ask friends or acquaintances who have recently moved about their experience with their agents.
  2. Research: Check online reviews from sites like Google or Trust Pilot and read them carefully to ensure they are from real clients. Look at an agent's social media presence to see how professional and active they are.
  3. Marketing: Observe how an agent markets their properties, such as using high-quality images and descriptions. Avoid agents with poor marketing tactics, like grainy pictures.
  4. Accreditation: Look for evidence of an agent's association with industry leaders and governing bodies like ARLA on their website. Check for window stickers registering their membership with Property Mark and the Property Ombudsmen.
  5. Shortlist: Create a list of at least three agents.
  6. Call: Call each agent for a property valuation and assess their responsiveness, friendliness, and professionalism.
  7. Valuation: Meet the agent in person for the valuation and ask questions such as their average property time on market, strategy for properties that don't sell, and basis for valuations.
  8. Check valuations: Ensure the valuations are realistic by researching similar properties in the area.
  9. Narrow the field: Choose two agents you can trust and work with.
  10. Office visit: Visit their offices to observe their environment and ask about fees, tie-in period, additional costs, and complaints scheme.
  11. Ask questions: Find out who will handle the sale, what marketing channels they use, and who conducts viewings.
  12. Decision time: Choose the most trustworthy agent and commit to your decision.

Please don't hesitate to call Circa London for more advice about 
selling your property. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than helping people to move home.
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