change of address checklist

Published: 11/04/2022

Relocating to a new home is a huge event that often comes with stress. One thing that adds to that stress is the "To Do" list, which seems to grow longer every day. To help make the process easier, we've put together a comprehensive list of all the relevant parties that need to be notified of your change of address. This way, you'll have a handy reference to keep things organised and avoid missing anything important.

  • Utilities:
    Gas, electricity, and water: Before you move, get a final metre reading for all your metered services. Contact the relevant suppliers and provide them with the readings so you can settle the final balance and close the account. When you reach your new home, take all the appropriate meter readings and take a photo with your phone. This will avoid any disputes with the new owners and ensure a stress-free transition.

  • Household:
    Home insurance: Before you move, ensure that your policy has started and that everything is covered in your new home. Contact your contents and buildings insurance companies and provide them with your new address.
    TV license: Your existing license will need to be updated with your new address.
    Cable and satellite: Notify your cable and satellite providers of your change of address.
    Streaming services: Make sure to update your address with streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.
    Subscriptions: Inform your magazine and newspaper subscriptions, as well as any food and beverage subscriptions, of your new address.

  • Personal:
    Employer: Notify your employer of your change of address so that your payroll details can be updated.
    Accountants: If you have an accountant, let them know about your move.
    Solicitor: If you have a solicitor, inform them of your new address.

  • Financial:
    Banks and building societies: This is crucial as it affects many aspects of your life. Make sure to notify your banks and building societies of your change of address as soon as possible to avoid any potential fraudulent activity or identity theft.
    Loans and cards: If you have any credit, debit, or store cards that aren't linked to your bank, make sure to update them with your new address. The same applies to any loans you may have.
    Finance or hire purchase companies: If you have any HP agreements for your car or computer, inform your finance company of your new address.
    Insurance: Other forms of insurance you may have, such as business, car, critical illness, health, liability, life, pet, property, travel, and pension, should be informed of your change of address.
    Stocks: If you have any stocks or shares outside your bank, update your address with them.
    Premium bonds: Remember to update your address for your premium bonds to make sure you get all winnings.
    Loyalty cards: Update your loyalty cards so you can continue to receive your points balance and any associated offers.

  • Communications:
    Mobile phone: Notify your mobile phone provider of your change of address, especially if you have paper bills.
    Landline: You can keep your existing landline number or opt for a new one.
    Broadband: Usually, your broadband and landline services are provided by the same company so that you can update both simultaneously.

  • Governmental:
    Council tax: Contact your local authority to inform them of your change of address

    Moving to a new home can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. However, by keeping a comprehensive list of the relevant parties that need to be notified of your change of address, you can ease the pressure.

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