some advantages of buying a new build property

Published: 28/01/2021

Set out below are some of the benefits of buying a new build:

Unpack and go

A new home is a blank canvas with fresh tiling, paintwork, kitchens and bathrooms. This means there should be very little, if anything, you need to do to it. You can simply unpack your belongings and start enjoying immediately.

A boost to buying 

For many first-time buyers a new build is the only way they can get onto the property ladder. That’s because schemes such as Help-to-Buy and Shared Ownership are only available on the purchase of a new home.


Some developers will throw in extras in order to get a sale. This could mean paying your stamp duty or covering the cost of carpets.

Modern living 

Top-spec new builds have all the latest technology. Many offer ‘smart home’ features and open-plan layouts. Some also have shared services such as a gym or concierge.


As you’ll be the first owner you won’t have a chain of buyers above you. This can take away one of the main stresses of buying a home.

If you are considering buying a new build property, please get in touch with our friendly and helpful team.  We are an independent London estate agent with offices in Southwark, Shoreditch and Hong Kong.

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