moving out check list

Published: 25/03/2021

Moving home is a stressful and busy time. With never ending "To Do Lists" we thought we should give you some handy tips to help you to settle into your new home quickly.

In no particular order:

Post - We recommend you have your mail redirected. You can set this up in advance for as long as you wish, althoughsix to twelve months is usually sufficient. This can be done by visiting Royal Mail here

Tip – Don't forget to delete your old address from all online retailers such as Amazon as there's nothing more annoying than realising your package has been delivered to your old address!

Council Tax - Your local authority will need to be informed and the best way to do this is online. A Google search for your local authority’s website will point you in the right direction.

TV Licence - Notify the TV Licencing Agency of your change of address so it will continue at your new address.
You can update your details here 

Bank & Building Societies - It is extremely important to notify your bank and building society of your new address as failing to do so could expose you to identity theft or other fraudulent activity. If you have any credit or store cards that aren’t connected to your bank, these will need to be updated as well.

Water - Inform your current water supplier that you'll be moving.  If you have a water meter that you can safely access, take a reading on moving out day and send it to them. Your new supplier will contact you so you can set up your new property water payments.

Gas & Electricity - Some providers take up to 48 hours to update account information so it’s advisable to get in touch with themin advance to let them know that you’re moving.

Tip: Taking a picture of the metre with a smart phone will timestamp the reading proving exactly what the meter reading was when the photo was taken.

Internet - The sooner you set up your internet the better as you may need a new router installed which can sometimes take several weeks.

Tip: If you find yourself without internet when you move in, try turning your phone into a mobile hotspot. It's not a long- term solution, but it will help you keep on top of things.

Insurance - Both buildings and contents insurance providers will need to be informed of your upcoming move and new policies will need to be taken out on your new home.

Voting - Make sure you're on the on electoral roll as this emeans that you can vote in national and local elections and improves your credit rating, which is important for future mortgage applications.
Registering your new address can be done online here

HMRC - The tax man will want to know where you are so keep them up to date by visiting their website here

National insurance - Keeping your NI details up to date is one of the most important things on this list.

DVLA - You’ll need to inform them that you are moving so that they can update their database and get a new driver’s licence sent out to you. This can be done online and you should receive your new documentation within four weeks of updating your details.

Log book (V5C) - Easily forgotten, your vehicle’s log book. Failing to make the relevant changes to your V5C motoring document could land you in trouble with a hefty fine. To find out how to update your log book click here

Car insurance - Let your car insurer know that you are moving so your details will be up to date. Unfortunately, this may increase your premium and some providers will even make an admin charge to update your address.

Doctor - Make registering with your local GP a priority as you never know when you'll need them and they sometimes have a rather long waiting list. Also don't forget to contact dentists, opticians and vets.

And last but not least ...

Media subscriptions - Satellite and cable companies will need to be informed of your change of address.

We hope this helps you move into your home without too much disruption to your lives and that you will be happy in your new home!  Call Circa London if you are looking to buy or 
rent property in London , we are a leading central London Estate Agent.
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