9 reasons to use a surveyor

Published: 23/08/2020

A survey is imperative when buying a property, but many buyers proceed based on a mortgage valuation alone.

It’s one thing to write a lengthy report with lots of complicated terminologies, it’s another thing to help the buyer genuinely understand the property’s intricacies. A competent surveyor takes the time to explain their findings and the seriousness and the consequences of ignoring them.

As a 
leading central London real estate agents, we have set out why you should use a surveyor:

  1. All parts of the property, including the roof space, the outbuildings, and the drainage/sewerage system, are inspected.
  2. The property will be viewed with an unbiased critical eye noting any defects which could compromise the investment or the living environment.  The findings will help understand any problems and how they fit in with the property overall.
  3. They provide a market valuation taking into account any defects they find. The buyer can negotiate as a result of these findings and potentially save thousands.
  4. They calculate a value for insurance cover to ensure adequate coverage if the worst were to happen.
  5. They provide a written report which can be passed on to the solicitors which can also be used as the basis for builders’ quotes.
  6. A surveyor will help plan for the future.  A good report doesn’t just highlight current serious defects; it brings attention to problems that could rear their ugly heads down the line. 
  7. They have a keen eye for defects which helps catch problems early; a small crack is easily fixed but left to grow under pressure from structural movement, the small crack becomes a big problem.
  8. A surveyor can advise on future plans i.e., an extension or the removal of a chimney breast?
  9. Changing the structure of a property is complex, and a holistic approach is required, taking into account factors like planning, structural calculations, and material characteristics. A competent surveyor can advise on these and help avoid costly mistakes or omissions.
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