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Published: 18/02/2021

The property market is extremely competitive and often cutthroat. So, if you decide to sell your home, you'll need to make an effort to 'stage' your property to help it stand out from the crowd by ensuring it looks its best.  

Here's our guide on how to stage your home and how it could help land a quicker sale.

'Staging' means presenting your home in the best possible light. In some cases, it merely means a little decluttering or moving things around. In other cases, people go to greater lengths, from changing room colours to renting furniture. For 
luxury London properties at the higher end of the market, you can hire a professional who'll make the most of your properties best features.

Second opinion

You've probably carefully chosen every aspect of your home, from the colour of the walls to the carpets. However, taste is subjective, so it's advisable to get some other opinions. As estate agents, we are good at this, as we know what's trending and what buyers are looking for and what might be setting your home back. Remember, we hear it from the horse's mouth when we conduct viewings.


Compare similar properties that have sold in your area and note their layouts, interior design styles, and overall feel of these properties. Consider implementing some of these ideas.


If you don't have the budget to stage your entire property, focus on the rooms that count the most. In our experience, the sitting room is the number one room to stage, followed closely by the principal bedroom, as these are often the first photos on the online property listing.

When it comes to the living areas, decluttering and maximising light is key to ensuring they look as large as possible. However, don't be tempted to remove all the personality from the room. A few family photos, cushions, and throws keep a cozy feel without cluttering. Bathrooms should have neatly folded fluffy towels, and kitchens should have a bowl of fresh fruit or some fresh flowers on display.

The positioning of your furniture is a key element of staging. It's essential to create space yet still keep the room looking functional. Rooms without furniture can sometimes be a negative for buyers. For example, a bedroom without a bed in it leaves buyers wondering whether their super king will fit or whether they'll continuously be bashing their knees on it. If a sofa is looking a bit tired, it drags down the room, consider putting it in storage and renting a nice modern one while you have viewings.

Staging your home isn't as complicated as it sounds. It mainly means making your home as appealing as you can to help it sell faster.

For more advice on how to present your 
London property, contact the team at Circa London on 020 3137 7877 or come in and see us.  We can provide an accurate property valuation by visiting your property, our advice is free and without obligation.

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